Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wednesday's Items

Well this is the only listing I was able to accomplish yesterday. "This Blue Earth" pendant. It is a quick, re-listing with upgraded pictures.

I had to pull the ring listings as they didn't meet the requirements fora multiple listing. I guess I will relist the rings but in silver only as I have been thinking about discontinuing the gold anyways as it is a gilt plating over the silver color.

I wouldn't say I have failed, but more like this goal has been suspended for yesterday and today as I had a more important project pop-up.

As you may have heard be mention I help my dad run a small, retail stained glass store and custom studio.

Our glass stock, mainly Spectrum has been running low due to the economy. And it is getting pretty sorry looking. Dad has decided (Finally!) to order a crate of half sheets of glass. So I was/am charged with the task of going thru all our Spectrum glass cases. We have four different slots for different sizes of glass, half foot, square foot, two square feet and four square feet per glass color. So I have been dusting the slots and cutting larger pieces down to fill the smaller slots. I have made it halfway through the cases. Today I will be doing the other half. This our way of "inventorying" our glass. The good news is I have found that we have more colors of glass than we thought as they get lost in the four square foot bin! Which means we will be able to fill more holes in our inventory than previously thought.

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