Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Monday's New Listings

Well here are the items I listed yesterday! I'm afraid that four may be to much. We'll see! I put the pictures in order from the newest listing to the oldest!
So I will go through them starting with the 4Th listing and work my way back to the first listing of the day.

"Embers" was my 4th listing of the day. It was a brand new listing.

"Ancient Seas" was my 3rd listing of the day. It was a old listing that I gave a makeover. New pictures and re-edited the written descriptions, story/inspiration behind product.

"Forest" was the 2nd listing of the day. A color grouping of my $5.00 adjustable rings. As I have 20 colors I have decided to break them up into color groups to take up less room in my studio. I'm not completely happy with it yet. I need to have a better way to tell which color is which to simplify the ordering process as the listing is for only ONE ring. This listing is a new one too.

"Autumn Goddess" was my first listing of the day. It was an old listing that also received a makeover.

One thing for sure I can say is "WOW" my photography skills have really improved!

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