Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

I have been kept busy this week getting my son costumed for Halloween. He wanted to dress as the character Link from the Zelda video games. He desired a hat and tunic. So we went to JoAnn's and got some fabric so I could sew him a costume.

The hat! I used fleece for this. He loves it and has worn it every day since I made it.

The tunic! I used a pattern and altered the neckline to match the one Link wears. I used broadcloth. Instead of hemming it I used my mother's treasured pinking shears on the edges. I loaned him my leather belt to wear with it.

The "boots" In the dark slipped over his lower legs with black shoes they'll look fine. I used dark brown felt. I would like to learn more about shoe construction just for the knowledge. I can make a basic pair of moccasins but not boots.

The shield and sword He borrowed the shield. It had the edging and one of the two handles were broken and it had the edging around it. The front was bare plywood. My dad said he could cover it with some of the white sandblast resist. (Expensive contact paper.) Then my ex sketched the Hyrule shield design on it and colored it with markers. My son already had the wooden sword and my ex colored it also.

All dressed up and ready to go! Think it all turned out rather well. Don't you?

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