Sunday, November 1, 2009

A New Venture, Create Art Every Day!

I have decided to tr a new marketing tactic. My item of the day will have a special sale price. Today's item of the day was my Winterberry Dichroic Glass Necklace. I marked it down 50%! It is regularly priced at $80.00. That is a steal of a deal of $40.00!

Today I joined the challenge of Art Every Day Month. The goal it to create one new piece of art every day this month. I have decided to give it a try.

Today I spent making chains and cleaning my work counter in the glass studio.

Using bulk chain and findings I put together 16 adjustable chains in two lengths, 16-20 inches and 20-24inches. I used two styles of chain in gold and silver. and I also made 14
more chains in both silver in gold 16 inches and twenty inches.

The majority of the mess on my work counter in the glass studio was left from June/July 2008. I still had stuff right where I'd left it when my daughter was hospitalized the final time. I am so glad to have that mess cleaned up! Slowly. but surely I feel like I am finally putting my life back together again.

I had planned to take pictures this evening but am just too tired. I start my Sundays around three am and with the time change I have decided to put it off one more day.

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