Saturday, November 21, 2009

Days 20 & 21 Of The AEDM Challenge

I finished this lovely pendant necklace yesterday. I do believe I will name it "Parfait" or "Berry Parfait". What do you think of that for a name? I think this pendant turned out quite lovely. I plan to get it listed tomorrow.

Today I had a show. We set up most of it last night. Finished the set up this morning before the doors opened. I did fairly well considering. This picture is of the stained/fused & slumped glass table. The three large butterflies in the middle are the ones I was working on the other day.

I don't think I'm going to do anything other than go to bed tonight. If I change my mind and do create something I will share it tomorrow. I have done really well so far, but I think after working a show I refuse to feel guilty about not creating today. I may make two tomorrow as make up though.

As for that picture I promised you.....That is the fugliest batch of fusing I have ever done. I tried capping the ripple with a third layer of thin clear glass so as to make full use of the dichroic glass. I believe it was just a bit too much. I really lost the ripple effect and the dichroic glass is just "lost" in the base glass.

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