Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day 25 Of AEDM

My creativity for the day has been making a jello fruit salad for tomorrow and helping my student create a fused glass snowflake. Tomorrow after dinner I will put it on the kiln shelf for firing. I will also fill the left over space with something.

Today has been one of those days where it seemed I hopped out of bed and hit the ground running. I have put in a full twelve hours straight. My longest break may have been 15 minutes. Forty-five minutes if you count driving for fast food a break.

I cleaned the refrigerator out and scrubbed it. I then did dishes, swept and mopped. I then went into the evil cabinet where the plastic food containers are kept. I matched up lids with the bottoms and washed almost all of it. Also cleaned the rest of the cabinet out while I was at it. Then it was clean up the studio for class, gobble some food and teach class.

Until tomorrow night! I Send My Best Wishes for a Wonderful, Tasty and Happy Thanksgiving!

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