Monday, November 23, 2009

Day 23 Of AEDM

For today I am once again fusing glass for cabochons and a student project, the snowflake. I am re-firing the 12mm orange cabs. I like the dichroic color against the orange. So I am turning the bottom into the top. I am also fusing up a lovely piece of blue ripple dichroic and trying another on red opal again.

I am working on an idea that I think is really neat. I'm calling it "Project A". If it works I will be sharing it and if it doesn't I'll share anyway.

I did break down and take a picture of the shelf I'm so disappointed in. I knew the purple piece was going to be pretty. The blue green was a texture experiment. I did a dichroic doodle piece which is also good. The glass looks better in the picture than in real life. That extra piece of thin clear really distorted and flattened the ripple texture of the dichroic. There isn't much fire and what color I do see seems to be dull. I will continue to experiment though.

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