Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 3 of AEDM Challenge

Today's challenge piece for me was a nugget of tumbled, polished turquoise. I friend of a friend commissioned me to wire wrap it so she could wear it as a pendant. I did manage to get it wrapped in sterling silver. I'm not real happy with the bail. As I'm out of time and have wasted over three feet of wire in four attempts to wrap the thing I've decided I'm done. I have learned that I don't like wrapping irregular, lumpy, bumpy objects and will never take on a commission like this again. I don't feel I did justice to the stone.

As I'm not about to take a picture of my failure I decided to share my newly listed Black Cherry Ripple ring! An adjustable wire wrapped dichroic glass cabochon done in sterling silver. I also listed my necklace and pendant from day one and day two.

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Dawno said...

Gorgeous! I've not been a big fan of wrapped rings, but this one is definitely an exception.