Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day 18 Of The AEDM Challenge

I started my day out by getting these butterflies cut out and ground. (day 18 of the AEDM challenge) I had planned to only make two of these butterflies , but ended up with three color combinations. The one on the far left is in shades of orange, yellow and amber. The middle one is blue and purple and the one on the right is purple and blue.

Then because it was sunny, dry and not to cold I decided to sand my kiln shelves off. I have been putting that dreaded task off for a while now. Three kiln shelves with the kiln wash sanded off of them and two customers later the shelves were clean. Next it was time to give them a fresh coating of kiln wash. I mixed it up and painted it on. Helpful hint-To speed up the drying process between coats I use a heat gun to dry the coats of kiln wash. I suppose a hairdryer would also do the trick, but have never tried it. This also works on molds as well!

For day 18 of the AEDM challenge I finally made up a shelf of 12mm dichroic cabochons. I have been needing to make these for a while. I received the dichroic glass I needed to make these at least two weeks ago. The kiln shelves were were ready to go and I needed to have them done by Friday morning.
When I wake up in the morning I will have 184 dichroic fused glass cabochons. That is 268 pieces of glass! All hand cut, cleaned and arranged on that kiln shelf!

p.s. I finished this at one am PST. I have to go to bed and sleep before it is "tomorrow" to me. So expect another post for day 19!

(I'm sorry. I have no idea why the photos disappeared. Just added them...again.)

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