Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 30 Of AEDM Challenge-The End!

Today is the last day of November and the last day of the Art Every Day Month challenge. I can't believe it is over already. I've had a lot of fun and gotten a lot accomplished. This has been great for my blogging skills. It has made me blog every night I had access to a computer and the internet. I hope everyone has enjoyed my jewelry as much as I have enjoyed sharing it!

These are the slabs I fused up today. I made some more of that lovely aqua-blue shade and experimented with the same ripple glass on white and turquoise. I knew it would be stunning on the red. The brown & green piece is from the last of my colored glass capping silver dichroic experiments.

The cut out pieces from yesterday have been channeled and are in the kiln for one last fire polishing cycle. I didn't like the extra kiln firing I tried. I won't try that again. But now I know!

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