Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 29 Of AEDM

Today I spent the afternoon and evening cutting out those cabochons in new shapes. The first pictures shows the glass slabs marked with the new shapes ready to cut out. The second picture shows the Taurus III ring saw I use to cut out my cabs, my safety glasses and a beeswax based goo that helps to keep the marks on the glass.

After I cut them out I use the grinder to clean up the shapes. The third picture shows the cabs all cut and ground and ready for firing. I am trying something a bit different with this batch. I'm going to fire polish this batch then I'm going to channel them. Then I will fire polish them again.

Also I cleaned the stove-YUCK. And I made turkey and noodles from scratch. I make my own noodles using the recipe my mother taught me. I take the turkey carcass and boil it to get the rest of the meat off and make the stock.

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Dawno said...

Those are great shapes - and you get so many cabs from the original pieces! It's fascinating to see the work in progress - thank you for sharing!