Saturday, October 17, 2009

Glass Order Has Arrived!

Today I have had a good day and got a lot accomplished. It was made even better to discover that Jannadu featured me on her blog!

I wanted to share what I did today with you. The glass order I put together last week arrived yesterday, mid afternoon.

Today Dad opened the crate up and my son and I unloaded it and brought it in. Dad cut up the first half of glass while I priced and put it away.

The first picture shows the cut up glass pieces awaiting prices so they can be put away in the main room.

The second picture shows the second stack of glass from the crate.

The third picture shows about half of the first stack of glass.

All this glass, about 55 half sheets was unpacked, cut down, priced and put away today. I did all of the second stack.

Finally after about 6 years I discovered by accident what I have been doing wrong when it comes to breaking sheets of glass. When I was a teenager I could break them down easily and without the glass breaking wrong. When I started working with glass again I couldn't figure out why I couldn't consistently break large pieces of glass down. I grabbed the cutter, made the score and I knew what I have been doing wrong!
Turns out I have been gripping the cutter in a "choke" hold. I need to hold the back end of the pistol grip cutter to keep the angle and pressure consistent when I am reaching that far away from my body and at that height.

I proceeded to cut the rest of the glass quickly with no bad scores!!!!

We also got four new fusing colors! Persimmon, Chestnut, Terracotta and Stone!

I look forward to trying out these new colors as soon as the Next Project is done!

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